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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent ducts can become clogged with lint, dust, and other debris over time, leading to decreased dryer efficiency and even fires in the vent. Having your dryer vent cleaned by AIR DUCT CLEANING MIAMI PRO SERVICES can:


  • Speed up the drying time of your garments to save on electricity.

  • By reducing utility expenditures, you can save money.

  • Dust and debris removal can help to reduce health concerns.

  • Enhance fire safety by decreasing the likelihood of a dryer fire occurring. 


We remove debris from dryer vents fast and thoroughly, allowing for optimal ventilation and airflow. Clean dryer vents, lint screens, lint traps, and booster fans are all cleaned by MIAMI PRO SERVICES with powerful, specialized instruments.


We not only clean dryer vents in single- and multi-family dwellings, but we also work with enterprises like:


  • Salons and day spas

  • Hotels

  • Offices in the medical field

  • Hospitals


We're dependable, meticulous, and tidy, and we always stick to the estimated time and budget. To rid any location of dangerous impurities, our skilled technicians employ the most powerful equipment available and can operate with nearly any type of air duct system.

Commercial Dryer Vent
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